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About Us

About Us

Galaxy Gamez

Growing up we loved playing video games and spent sometimes the entire day playing Mario Brothers and many other retro games.Many years later we tried to play again and realized our old Nintendo system didn't work anymore. That’s when we started to shop around for the Nintendo console and found a system that would play all of our old video games. That is where the vision began and we thought there probably are a lot of people who struggled with this and we started to sell the Retron consoles. We learned a lot of New generation gamers need accessories for their game consoles and we began selling items on Ebay in 2006, this later turned from a hobby to a business. We value our customers since they are why we sell in the first place and are always looking for ways to improve and build our products.As we grow we will be adding more items to our store but if you ever want a specific item feel free to contact us and we will get it for you.