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Datel Guide

Datel For DS DSi and 3DS

To get started with your new DSi Action Replay, please follow these steps:

  1. Turn off your DS console and remove any games you may have inserted.
  2. Fully insert the Action Replay DSi into the game slot of the DSi or 3DS console.
    ( A “click” should be heard when fully inserted.)
  3. Insert the desired game cartridge into the DSi Action Replay pass-through slot.
  4. Turn on your Nintendo DSi or 3DS console.
    NOTE: The Action Replay may appear as a game other than the one inserted into the Action Replay; this is a consequence of the DSi security system. Simply tap the game icon to run Action Replay.
    1. Tap the game icon to run Action Replay software.
    2. Allow the DSi Action Replay to fully load the code list. Do NOT insert / remove a game cartridge or the Action Replay during this process.
      NOTE: If the Action Replay fails to load properly, or you receive the “an error has occurred…” message, simple tap the power button on the DSi to reset the console, or completely power the console off and them back on again.
    3. To begin selecting Action Replay game enhancement codes after the Action Replay has fully loaded, tap the word “Codes”, or press the A button when “Codes” is selected. (highlighted in blue)
    4. If the game cartridge is inserted properly and codes are preloaded for the inserted game, the game title should be displayed in a pop-up dialog box:
        • Pokemon Diamond
    5. At this point, press the A button again to continue on to the code selection menu.
      NOTE: If the game cartridge is not detected, or codes for the inserted game have not been loaded onto the Action Replay cartridge, a pop-up dialog box containing a message similar to the following will appear:
      Unknown Game Inserted.

    ARLE System Error

    If you’re receiving an ARLE System Error, try resetting your Action Replay DSi.

    1. Remove your Action Replay DSi from your Nintendo DS/DSi console.**
    2. Connect one end of the supplied USB cable to a port on your PC, and the other to your Action Replay DSi.
    3. Open the Action Replay DSi code manager software on your PC.
    4. At the top of the code manager software, click on the 4 colored dots that are located to the left of the words “Action Replay DSi Code Manager”.
    5. Click “About Action Replay DSi Code Manager…”
    6. When the dialog box appears, cick on “Reset Hardware”.

     **NOTE: It’s important that you remove the Action Replay DSi hardware from your DS/DSi console BEFORE connecting the Action Replay DSi to your PC for use with the Code Manager Software.

     “NO HARDWARE FOUND” message is displayed in the Power Saves Software…

  1. Be sure that you’re using the latest version of the 3DS Power Saves software.
  2. Be sure the Power Saves Game Port is properly connected to the USB 2.0 port on your computer.
  3. Be sure the USB cable is properly, and fully, inserted into the Power Saves Game Port hardware.
  4. Be sure the device drivers have been properly installed.
  5. Try using a different USB cable and/or USB port on your PC.

  How to Update the software

The Action Replay DSi Code Manager Software and Drivers can be downloaded from the link below.

  How to install AR DSi drivers:

Action Replay DSi Code Manager Software

Extract the zipped archive to a folder on your desktop, and run the included Setup file to install the Action Replay Code Manager. After installing this software, you may connect your Action Replay to a free USB port directly on the PC to begin driver installation. If you are required to point to the location of the drivers, they may be found in the folder to which you extracted the files from the download.

To Update the Drivers:

  1. Connect your Action Replay DSi to your PC using the supplied USB cable.** Be sure that the 3DS Compatible Action Replay DSi is removed from your DSi/DS console before connecting the Action Replay DSi to your PC.
  2. \r\n
  3. Go to the Windows Start Menu at the bottom left of your PC Screen
  4. \r\n
  5. In the “Search Programs & Files” box, type:
    Device Manager
  6. Choose “Device Manager” under Control Panel
  7. Locate the Action Replay DSi (this may be listed under Other Devices as “DSi AR HW Programmer Device” or under Universal Serial Bus Controllers or USBIO Devices as “Unknown Device”)
  8. Right Click on the Device and choose “Update Drivers Software”
  9. Choose “Browse My Computer For Driver Software”
  10. Check the box to include subfolders and click “Browse”
  11. Locate the “USA Code Manager PC Software” folder that you extracted to the PC and click “OK”
  12. Choose “Let Me Pick” and click “Next”
  13. Choose “Have Disc” and click “Browse”
    • 32-bit Users – Choose “dsiarhwprog.inf”
    • 64-bit Users – Choose “dsiarhwprog_x64.inf”
  14.  Click OK and then Choose “Next” to install the drivers.

 **NOTE: It’s important that you remove the 3DS Compatible Action Replay DSi hardware from your DS/DSi/3DS console BEFORE connecting to your PC for use with the Code Manager Software.

                Download Datel code manager software

  1. For more FAQ click the link Here
  2. Some Game codes can be found Here

FAQ:Q: "Can I restore my Action replay to factory settings"?


Restoring factory settings also offers a quick way of wiping your Action Replay codelist in order to build your own specific list of codes.

Resetting the codelist is performed as follows. Never power off your console during a codelist reset.

  1. With the console powered off, hold A+B.
  2. Power up the console while still holding A+B.
  3. As soon as the Nintendo screen is displayed, before our screen stating this product is not endorsed by Nintendo, press and hold Start and Select while keeping hold of A+B.
  4. Continue to hold these buttons until the Main Action Replay screen is displayed, then release. Your product is reset, and will accept codes once more.

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