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TroubleShooting Guide

We have put together a list of console and device problems and tips to troubleshoot them

RetroN 3

RetroN Screen shaking

The NES or SNES games keeps "screen keeps shaking " or " rolling "on the screen 


Try moving the system onto an older, Non flat screen tv usually  will sove this problem.

Error -Designed for use only on NTSC Genesis systems




Genesis games would show "Designed for use only on NTSC Genesis systems".Look at the O/J switch at the back of the RetroN3. It''s a region switch designed to allow region-locked Japanese MegaDrive games to work on the RetroN3, but out of the box, this is in the J position on pretty much every RetroN3, which makes the RetroN3''s Genesis side.

Why doesn't my game cartridge work? NES, Genesis, SNES and Skipping Games 

Please check the game cartridge or disks are clean you can blow the cartridges for dust or use canned air.Also with some of the older games they can be cleaned with a Q-tip and rubbing alcohol.

RetroN 5

How do I turn RetroN 5 on?

Connect the DC power supply (obviously), then hold the POWER button located at the front of the unit until the blue LED''s on the top panel light up, in the
current version this is about 5 seconds. A common mistake is to release the power button before the LED''s have illuminated, notice there is a patch that reduces the start up time available from the downloads page.

  Why does my RetroN 5 wireless controller keep turning off?

The wireless controller will automatically turn off if it has not been used for a certain period of time. The amount of idle time
before it automatically turns off can be customised via Settings - Manage RetroN 5 Controllers - Controller - auto-off

How do I access the in-game menu using classic wired controllers?

The default button combination for opening the in-game menu using the classic wired controllers is DOWN + START. This may be customised per
controller type through Settings - Hotkey Configuration - In-game menu.

 What is the small hole in the back of the console for, it''s marked as Reset in the manual. If I press it will it do a Factory Reset?

No! Please do not press it! This is a recovery button that is used only in conjunction with a special SD card image. You should not press this button under normal circumstances. You will need to contact tech support for the recovery image and further instructions.

Will the RetroN 5 work in my Country ?

The RetroN 5 AC Adapter provides power to your RetroN 5 ,the adapter comes with four additional headsockets, depending on your region: Australia, Japan, Europe, and the UK.

Why is it so hard to remove the Game Cartridges?

The Retron 5 does have quite a firm grip on carts that can – if pulled at in a certain way – make them quite difficult to remove.just place one hand on the console to steady it, pull on the cart from the right with your other hand, and it’ll pop straight out. We’re yet to have any cartridges stick or have any pins break in the Retron 5 – just remember this tip and you’ll be fine.

Watch a video here on how to easily remove the cartridges

Fortunately, Hyperkin have suggested a technique for easily removing carts from Retron 5 cartidge slots that completely resolves the issue. We’ve created a little video to demonstrate:

Do I need an SD card? How large should it be?

A SD card is required in order to update the software running on your RetroN 5. In addition, if you have a SD card then you can choose to store your game
saves on the SD card rather than RetroN''s internal memory. Any SD card 256MB or larger is OK. We have tested up to 32GB, the SD card should be formatted to
FAT32. A SD Micro in an adapter is also OK

How do I update RetroN 5 Software?

Go to the Downloads

RetroN 3 Manual



RetroN 5 Manual

RetroN 5 Software download

Retron 5 Software Update


Datel DS Action Replay Manual


Datel 3DS Action Replay Power saves